Notice to Residents

  • Caution!!
    Please be cautious when there are workers beside the road.  Please slow down, there was almost an accident with the water company workers on May 2nd.

  • Reminder - HOA Board Association Meeting:
    October meeting to be announced.

  • Residents of River North Association:
    You may have recently received a monthly bill for your dues. Many of you have credits on your account that we were unable to apply before the bill went out. every month these credits must be manually applied to the account. 
    Do not be alarmed if you received a bill and have a credit on your account. The credit will be applied with in the next few days. We do apologize for this inconvenience. if you would like to check with the office on Monday To verify that the credit has been applied, please do so.


  • E-Mail Request:
    We are trying to make sure we have emails for everyone in our system. Some of you might believe we have your email if you receive the emergency alerts, but these are two different systems and it does not mean we have your email at the office. Please call (478-743-1406) or email ( the back office and share your email if you have not done so already.

  • E-Mail Request:
    Please click on the following link to complete the form with your contact information. This will help us send out Monthly Billing Statements, Permits, Notices, Deer Prints, etc. more efficiently.  EMail Request Link

  • Guests at Back Entrance:
    Please make sure you are calling the guards for visitors entering the back entrance prior to their arrival. If not they will be turned away.


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